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             Mike Nivens Bail Bonds

                   Simply Magic

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If you are an experienced Full Time Bail Bond Agent and you are tired of working for a low commission or low percentage of the premium, call me to learn how you can earn top dollar on all your bonds.

We have one of the highest premium splits in the state. You will start taking home more money in your pocket than you ever thought possible. We even pay monthly BONUSES!!!! If you are an experienced Agent, you know how greedy General Agents are. They want you to do all the work, but bring most of the money to them.

Do you want to be a Top Paid Agent?

It can mean hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars for you. We are a Very Generous Company and Reward our Full Time Bail Bond Agents with Top Pay and even Bonuses.

We are very dedicated to make all our Bail Bond Agents feel as if they are part of a family. You can call me at any time, unlike some Bail Bond Companies, where you rarely meet the owner or even speak with them. A lot of Bail Bond Companies have you deal directly with a supervisor and you do not even know who you are working for. Each of our Agents have their very own area of designation to write their Bail Bonds in, but all our Agents work together in a very fair environment. All our Agents are extremely happy and there is none of the fighting among Agents that you see with a lot of Bail Bond Companies.


Are you tired of giving your company 5, 10, 15 or even as much as 20% of your money to be put into a so called Buff Fund that you will never get back???

If we pay you __% of the premium, that is exactly what you will take home!! Whatever you collect from premiums or payments, you take your percentage out right then. You do not pay the company their full % of the premium before you get to keep a dime. You will not have any of YOUR MONEY held out for any type of Buff, Jump, Skip or Whatever Fund. Feel free to call any of our agents and ask them who is the best Bail Bond Company and the most generous in the State of Missouri to work for. 

You Will Be Glad You Did!!

I personally meet with each Agent every week for our weekly turn in and get your imput on how to make the company run better.

We will supply you with everything you need to write Bail Bonds. All forms, power of attorneys, or any type of paperwork you need are all printed locally. You will never run out of the paperwork you need to make money. We have everything printed in large supplies.

Call Mike Nivens today and start receiving the money you earn.

(417) 533-0885           (573) 247-9793